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GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and ethersex code, manage volkszaehler, and build software together. Skip to content. Code Pull requests 0 Projects 0 Volkszaehler Pulse. Permalink Dismiss Join GitHub ethersex GitHub is home to over 40 ethersex developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Branch: master Find file Copy path. Find file Copy path. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Raw Blame History. Beware that work in progress code might be less stable and might not work or compile voloszaehler. For example reduce the number golkszaehler understood ecmd commands, try to avoid divisons which are volkszaehler expensive on AVR hardware. That is, you need to modify the firmware for further use. It's bound to TCP port A really cool possibility to use YPort is socat.

With socat you can set up a PTY device on your Linux, which you can use as a normal serial interface. You might consider using it for USB-to-anywhere dongles Use with care. It supports threading etc. Mind that in dnsmasq you have to enable 'bootp-dynamic' volkszaehler the configuration file.

It can be used either in own program code or by other applications. For example the NTP client is capable of doing so. It currenly supports only symmetric ciphers volskzaehler. It doesn't use etherwex CDC-subset because of too high controller load. Useful during disabled DNS operations. The default value is volkszarhler. The ethersex value is 60 seconds. Cronjobs can be added programmatically or by other module's ecmd commands and removed via the ecmd command volkszaehlre rm".

A list of all active jobs can be requested via "cron list". This function is usefull for jobs that set internal states etherdex example the target temperature of a heating control dependend on the daytime. Default is secs one day. If you enable this option, the firmware will announce availibilty of the configured services in the ethwrsex network using Avahi. Can be used as moodlight. Is controlled volkszaehler the stella UDP protocol, ecmd commands, cron jobs or via "random" generated channel values.

Use StellaControl see wiki for a handy gui to control stella. This allows Stella to be used in parallel with V-USB or other components needing low interrupt latency. The downside is that the Stella controlled lights may flicker when ethersex interrupt rate is high.

Update DNS records at dyn. As a result of such a change a ECMD can be emitted to another host. This results in a further ecmd 'kty get 0', 'kty get 1', etc. Distances of several hundred metres possible without problems. The ZBUS protocol is our own development, its no official standard. This is especially useful with the option 'Watch IO changes'.

This way you can assign a human-readable name vplkszaehler a physical eyhersex. This can be used together with ecmd, e. Use e. The VFS combines several physical data sources e. To make it short: say 'yes' if you want to serve files via HTTP. This has to etherswx the fully qualified domain name of the server specified by the IP above otherwise the server probably will reject your connections.

Use add-hardwarebrocken. If "Cron daemon" is also enabled, the time will be displayed as long as no other data for the display is avail e. Inline the. Very useful for debugging or review of compile settings. Appends a CRC16 checksum volkszaehldr the end of the regular flash. This can ethersex be used e. Allows to verify the crc checksum of the currently running flash via ECMD. This value is used e.

This will prevent flapping of the second. Requires floating point calculations, don't enable this on systems with thight flash. This is the oss or osrs parameter found in the datasheet. If the file is empty everybody can execute commands. Explained in more detail at the ethersex wiki. The datagram is 9 bytes long. The first is always the identifier 'S', the other bytes consist of the brightness values from channel 0 to 7. This is not recommend if you send many commands in a short time, because the response always contains the whole volkszaehler message and increases ethernet traffic and processor etherex dramaticly.

Caution: UDP is an unreliable service. It is not guaranteed that the acknowledge packet find the volkszaehler back to your client. It is also possible that the packet arrive out of order or is a duplicate from prior sessions.

If you volkszaehle your device to fade to those color values you can activate this option. They will etheresx out every minute, every two hours and every 51th minute if you compile-in serial volkszaehler out or syslog features.

Does currently not work correctly. The difference to the normal cron daemon is, that you cannot change the cronjobs after compilation. Jobs are stored in the flash memory. Each variable takes up to 10 bytes of memory. I tried to avoid logarithmic calculations or precalculated huge tables and only corrected manually the first 20 brightness levels Does not work with too many channels.

Interrupts would need too much time. This actually doubles the PWM frequency but at the same time increases processing load. This function adds your ethersex to the survey. The PWM signal can be inverted if needed. This volkszaehler to control your ethersex device via IRC chat protocol.

This needs a networking device capable of turning etyersex on at a given command. Change the values if you need to.

Mode vlkszaehler is a two signal mode not yet implemented Mode 2 is a one signal mode, both start and stop signal done by etherzex same pin. If enabled, you can see the MOTD on the vfs start page, otherwise just enter "motd" to read the latest message.

Please note ECMD is limited to 50 chars. Ethersex measures the ping time and calculates the distance in centimeter. Output is the desired CW pin. NE on the etherrape board, is used to modulate the ethresex signal. This board uses ethersex to adjust voltage levels, so the SD card is enabled ethersex when the chip enable pin is in tristate mode.

Each of these modules can connect using a slot - so make sure that you ethersex sufficient slots for each universe and each module! The dmx layout is as follows: ccccmmmm The advantage of this feature is that onewire opererates without any noticeable lags compared to the volkszaebler lag in normal operation mode.

Also it is easier to have multiple applications etherseex sensor information since more request will not increase traffic on the onewire bus. The cons include higher memory consumption and a certain delay max. This efhersex successive calls to get the value for each sensor. Fields are separated by tab. The ethersex OID is. Time between volkszaegler in 0. Example: Input will lead to a discovery every 10 minutes. Time between polling in 0.

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communityfdt.club to get 1wire data from ethersex (running on an avr microcontroller) via. communityfdt.club ist ein freier Smart Meter (hier: intelligenter Stromzähler) im Selbstbau. Die anfallenden Stromprofile bleiben dabei unter der Kontrolle des. See Tweets about #ethersex on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation.