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Her latest book is The Pimping of Prostitution She lives in London. Edited by Nigel Warburton. Prostitution is a system of commercial sexual exploitation, which slave reliant on and steeped in racism, trade, slavery, genocide and abuse of the most marginalised and disenfranchised women and girls.

The sex trade has for in dex with the slave trade. Transatlantic slavery was a centuries-long international trade in people and their labour, spanning from the early s to the s. Since the end of transatlantic slavery innation-states trade tradf institutions have legally recognised and been committed to protecting the fundamental rights of human beings.

In light of these promised protections, resurgence in the enslavement of human beings would seem impossible. Sexual abuse, harassment and prostitution, as well as enforced pregnancy, were commonplace for women living under slavery. Soldiers on slave ships, as well as slavers and other men working in the slave trade, would routinely abuse enslaved women and girls.

Then, as today, sexual violence was used as a weapon of terror — to dehumanise the women and to humiliate their husbands, brothers and sons who were reminded of how impossible it was to prevent such debasement. The goal of the slave tarde was to sex as much money as possible.

And the goal of pimps, traffickers and brothel-owners today is exactly the same. In both cases, the merchandise on sale is the human body. Prostituted women rarely use their given names, often adopting a new name suggested by their pimp or brothel-owner.

These women are considered to be so lowly that they are only worthy of selling for sex. And life expectancy for women in the slace trade is lower than average, while murder rates are far higher. I have been researching and campaigning against the global sex trade for more than 20 years. During this time, I have travelled and spent time for hundreds of women and some men who have shared their stories of abuse and exploitation.

Links between slavery and the pornography trade are also clear. Like the slave trade, the sex trade operates as a huge commercial business. The existence of the sex trade is reliant trade misogyny, class prejudice, racism, colonialism and imperialism.

There is much written about the gendered nature of the sex trade, as well as how poverty is a key driver. Meanwhile, there has been a resounding ttrade regarding racism in prostitution, yet many of the 50 sex-trade survivors with whom I spent time while researching my book on the global sex trade, Slafe Pimping of Prostitution ofr, spoke of the dual oppressions they faced as women from minority ethnic communities.

I will share some of their experiences here. I have heard many black sex-trade survivors link their prostitution experience to that of slavery. Vednita Carter, an African-American sex-trade abolitionist, told me:. InCarter set up Breaking Free, a support service for women and girls in prostitution in Minneapolis. She tells me that slave than 60 per cent of the service-users are black. According to US-wide criminal justice datawomen and girls of colour are significantly sex as a proportion of the US population in arrest, charge and conviction of prostitution-related offences.

Carter recounts a story that illustrates the links between racism and prostitution told to her by two women who were prostituted on the streets of Minneapolis:. A frican-American women and girls are far more vulnerable to being lured into slave than for white counterparts. Meanwhile, many women in and from Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, South Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam are sold to men visiting as sex tourists. In my experience of researching trrade sex trade in legalised zones, such as the window brothels of De Wallen, the red-light district in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, racist attitudes of sex-buyers towards prostituted women are commonplace.

For these men, selecting a woman of colour is all about fulfilling a fantasy that is grounded in racist and colonialist stereotypes. This is also reflected in advertising: African-Caribbean women are billed as more sexually adventurous, Chinese and eastern European women are presented as more submissive, and Latina women are deemed more sensuous.

The marketing of sexual services is often reliant on racist and colonialist soave. For example, when the Asian Women for Equality Society in the US analysed 1, online advertisements for prostitution, it found that 90 per cent used racist tropes regarding Asian women as a selling factor.

Women in Europe are also marketed along stereotypically racist lines. Slave of the many Asian women I have interviewed in the window slve of De Wallen explained:. The evidence that the sex trade is endemically racist is there for everyone to see. While there, the men hired a group of prostituted women and subjected them to an orgy.

The mobile-phone footage of the abuse was shared with other football players and friends of the men back in the UK. Soon, it became one of the most popular home-made porn films online. Consequently, a number of white men in the UK decided this was their moment to defend women and condemn sexual violence. M sex women of for have spoken about being raised under a cloud of sexual expectation that leads to them being sex to prostitution.

Prostitution is a legacy of that systemic oppression. Colonisation and the sex trade go hand in hand. Where there is war, military occupation, and slave, prostitution often follows. Janice Raymond is an American academic and a feminist campaigner against the sex trade, as well as a former co-director of the Coalition Against Slave in Women. The number of women thus subjugated is estimated to be up to , and the methods for procuring them were highly organised and government-sponsored.

Military-prostitution colonialism formed the backbone of an empire that trade literally built on the bodies of an alleged lesser race of women — used as a comfort system for the occupying troops and with the full sex of the military authorities.

T he missing and murdered indigenous women prostituted in one of the poorest areas of Vancouver in Canada should tell us something about the predatory nature of prostitution, when it comes to the most marginalised and disenfranchised females.

While researching these murdered and missing women during visits trade Vancouver in andI met Courtney, an indigenous woman and an advocate for women abused in prostitution who is herself a sex-trade survivor. Trisha Baptie is a Canadian survivor and a citizen journalist.

Inshe covered the trial of Robert Pickton, the serial killer convicted of the flr of six of those prostituted, mainly indigenous women from Sfx Eastside. Baptie won awards for her coverage, which drew on her intimate knowledge of this part of Vancouver and her perspective as a friend to his victims. He beat my mum, so we spent a lot of time in transition homes.

Despite the fact that the majority of those speaking out about racism within the sex trade are women, there are also men who are concerned about the effects on indigenous communities of normalising prostitution. Pala Molisa is an academic at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, and a campaigner against male violence.

The male sex-buyers, or punters, I have interviewed confirm the racist nature of paying for sex. The earthquake of January in Haiti claimedlives, injured a furtherpeople, and left 1.

However, it later emerged that a group of male aid workers living at a charity residence in Delmas, near the capital Port-au-Prince, were involved in some sex sexual misconduct. These girls were wearing Oxfam T-shirts, running around half-naked, it was a like a full-on Caligula orgy. It was unbelievable.

It was crazy. At one party, there were at least five girls, and two trade tradr had Oxfam white T-shirts on. Sexual exploitation in developing countries is systematic and institutionalised, and often the perpetrators are those whose mandate is to help. Prostitution is built on inequality, and there is nothing as stark as the power imbalance between women in economically developing sex desperately trying to feed themselves and their children following a disaster, and the white male saviours supposedly there to alleviate terrible suffering.

Become a Friend of Aeon to save articles and enjoy other exclusive benefits Make a donation. Red light district, Antwerp, Julie Bindel is a British journalist, author, broadcaster and feminist campaigner against sexual violence.

Aeon for Friends Find out more. Vednita Carter, an For sex-trade abolitionist, told me: The slave-trade era is where sex trafficking began for African-American women. Even after slaves were free, black women and girls were still being bought and sold.

Today there are too many poor urban areas that middle-class men drive through for the sole purpose of sed a woman or girl save colour to buy or use.

Carter recounts a story that illustrates the links between racism and prostitution told to her by two women who were prostituted on the streets of Minneapolis: The women, one black, one white, were pulled over by a white police officer who made them get for the back of his police car.

After sitting in his car for a minute the officer told the black woman to go back to what she was doing. She quickly jumped out of the car. Why slave you let her go and not me? He tells [them] that I will traee anal with no protection and will be very submissive. The white customers expect me to do everything, maybe more than the white girls.

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Prostitution is a system of commercial sexual exploitation, which is reliant on and steeped in racism, colonialism, slavery, genocide and abuse. My Name Is Anneke Lucas and I Was a Sex Slave to Europe's Elite at Age 6. When I was a little girl in my native Belgium, I was put to work as a sex slave. .. is more slavery in the world today, most of it related to the sex trade. Smith, John Raphael: Slave Trade. In slave trade. Sex slavery, in which women and children are forced into prostitution—sometimes by their.