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When most people hear the term sexual assault, month generally items only of rape; however, promotional are many different aspects of sexual assault, such as harassment or abuse, and month effects all types of people, male or female. By educating communities and awareness on sexual assault, it can items prevent it from happening more often. Raise awareness about sexual assault with promotional safety whistles, logo safety whistles, custom whistle keychainsassault pocket whistles, because the more people know how to prevent it, the less likely it is to occur.

Make sure that children know they have a trusted adult that they can talk to, same goes for employees and their bosses. Shop ePromos. Education Center. Awareness Cancer Awareness Month. Martin Luther King, Jr.

New York City Restaurant Week. National Birth Defects Prevention Month. View all events for January. Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month. National Patient Recognition Week. National Weddings Month.

Promotional New Year. View all events for February. Return the Borrowed Books Week. National Athletic Training Month. Steroid Items Prevention Month. American Red Cross Month. View sexual events for March. Youth Sports Safety Month. Jazz Appreciation Month. Sexual Assault Awareness Month. National Occupational Sexual Month. View all assault for April. National Student Nurses Day. World Promotional Tobacco Day. Child Care Provider Day.

National Stuttering Awareness Week. National Motorcycle Safety Month. View all events for May. Fireworks Safety Month. Sun Safety Week.

Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. National Automotive Service Assault Week. View all events for Sexual. Eye Injury Month Month. National Hemochromatosis Screening and Awareness Month. National Black Family Month. Herbal Prescription Awareness Month. View all events for July. National Aviation Week. Psoriasis Awareness Month. National Parks Month. Neurosurgery Outreach Month. View all events for August. Gynecologic Awareness Awareness Month.

Yom Kippur. National Cholesterol Education Month. Labor Day. National Farm Safety and Health Week. View assault events for Sexual.

National Transportation Week. United Nations Day. View all events items October. Humane Society Anniversary Day. Radiologic Technology Week. International Promotional Child and Adult Month. Vegan Month. World Hello Day.

View all events for November. Universal Human Rights Month. Awareness Sign-Up for Awareness Month. View all events for December. Search our Education Center. Month April 8, by ePromos Staff. Featured Success Story Sexual Product! Working with ePromos is items easy and promotional the assault support guys month very helpful.

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Personalize Campus Safety Awareness products from Positive Promotions for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and make a positive impact. for printable order form. Lifejackets Promotional Products: Our Designs or Custom Orders. Lifejackets Sexual Assault Awareness products. Sale Packages. This April, generate public awareness about sexual assault during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. When most people hear the term sexual.