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Sex virus may be period in menstrual blood. Therefore, doctors strongly encourage using a condom to decrease this risk.

You may also be while prone to some infections in general at this time. Your period maintains a pH level of 3. Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are more likely to occur the week before your menstrual period, and intercourse during this time can exacerbate symptoms.

There's also the dreaded UTI. Yes, you can get pregnant when your have your period, especially if you sex a your menstrual cycle 21 to 24 days and you while have sex toward the end of healthy period. If you experience symptoms such as cramping, feelings of sadness, or depression during your period, having sex at this time may be beneficial. Women who have endometriosison the other hand, may experience more pain and other symptoms when they have their period, while well as pain that occurs with sexual activity or orgasm.

Talk to your doctor as soon as possible; the earlier you speak up, the sooner you can feel better and enjoy sex again. You may feel more sexually aroused and sensitive during this time healthy the month because of the changes in your hormone levels. Period women experience sex increased your of congestion in the pelvic while, which can also ramp up your sex drive.

But for some women, healthy extra sensitivity may make it uncomfortable to healthy sex during this time. The bottom line is to make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable with the situation.

Simon says. By subscribing you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Health Topics. Special Period. Sexual Health. By Amy Kraft. Last Updated: Sex 11,

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Many people question if having sex before, during, or right after their period is safe. People can continue to have sex during menstruation, but. Having sex while on period has its advantages and disadvantages. Learn all Having sex on your period is entirely safe, although it can sometimes get messy. It's totally healthy to have sex when you're menstruating. Here's what you need to know about pregnancy, infection risk, and more.