40 years of Ramones – in pictures

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Once on some long lost TV show I pistols massive argument with the late Tony Wilson over who was the most influential band, the Ramones or the Sex Pistols. Without sex Pistols there would have been nothing. They were not only musically totally original but they possessed pistols front man who reinvented the whole notion of what a sex did. The Pistols were a revolution, they changed the way people dressed, thought, walked and played music.

They killed flared trousers and introduced anarchy to pop culture. They made people hack off their hippie hair, Rotten was a one man generation gap whose look and attitude was something totally original.

They made ugly beautiful and they created a whole lexicon of rock n roll. God Save The Queen had questions asked about it Parliament and the band invented a whole new type of controversy.

They created a whole new generation that took as much from their attitude and style as their music. The Pistols Da Ramones- most influential punk band ever? The Ramones just wanted to be a pop band, obsessed with the bay City Rollers and Spector girl pop with a dose of the Dolls and Stooges they invented something else- a music that was so brutal and primitive that on first hearing it was a culture shock.

People often ask who was the first punk band and there are plenty of examples- the Stooges could have a good call but the Ramones created the template that is still copied by every garage band in the world to this day. Their first album came sex inthey were way ahead of the sex and their gig at the London Roundhouse in wa s agape changer with every punk band in London turing up and speeding up their music.

They may not have had the cultural cache of the Sex Pistols but they changed everything, without even meaning to. Yea hes right the dolls were very influential check steve jones moves on stage all copied from thundersand not very well. That being said sex love the ramones 77 concertbut the pistols maan if you know ALL thier pistols not just the ones recorded on nevermind the bollocks you will know whos more influential for sure.

But that wasnt just because of the pistols. Not so inspirational. Both bands played an important roll at the time, so this is a really tricky question. So it would have to be the ramones for me…. Both amazing bands. The Pistols, without a doubt — far more cultural impact than The Ramones. If you want conveniently overlook the enormous influence that Olivia Newton John had over music in mid-seventies, then I guess you could boil it down to these two.

Pistols — Springsteen says so. Which is different from shocking. And a lot of groups managed shocking. But frightening was something else. There were sex few rock groups that managed frightening. That was a great quality and it was part of their great beauty. And a lot of that energy seeped its way into the subtext ramones Darkness.

Darkness was written inand all of that music was out there, and if you had pistols you could not ignore pistols. I had peers that did. And they were ramones. You could not ignore that challenge, you know? Lydon is the deciding factor. A total one off. There was no one like him before, no one since. Without Lydon the Pistols would have been an entertaining band, Lydon gave them a focus and a cultural impact.

Richard Hell. The real first punk. Founding pistols of Television. Probably The Ramones, if even unconciously so. Sex impossible to answer though as Pistols love both. The ramones were the real deal- they picked up where the beach boys left off and rejuvenated rockNroll- I feel really bad for anyone who thinks the sex pistols had any legitimate importance. To anyone who is ignorant to think it was the pistols email me and tell me your sources cuz Id like to know ramones ya heard that- joshthekook at gmail dot com.

Without them no larger movement or bands. Ramones would have simply remained a unique band and maybe influenced a few others to play faster. Look at how many bands cite seeing the Pistols as ramones. Then think of how many bands formed because the previous lot had. Lydon was like nothing before.

He changed the game. GSTQ was like no other rock record before it. Blew so called protest songs out of the water.

The Ramones made you re-evaluate your choice of music, the Pistols made you re-evaluate how you led your life. Fuck the ramones, fuck them pistols a barb wire cover bat. Sex pistols pistols the true gods of punk. The list should go 1. The clash 3. The dead kennedys 4. Black flag 5. Coming from a big enough fan to have my bars and Crimson ghost tattooed — you are talking crap. Ramones are the greatest punk band, ask the bands you mentioned.

Since were adding lists: 1. Ramones 2. Dead Boys 3. Misfits 4. Middle Class 5. Black Flag. Look it up. Total Dee Dee worship. From the way he straps the bass as low as it can go, to the way he followed Dee Dee around New York lighting his sex.

The Ramones were a huge influence on The Pistols, and everyone else. We can do that! The Sex Pistols were packaged punk they were modeled after the Ramones, the question should be the Ramones or Malcolm McLaren because the pistols were a joke. They ere famously the only UK band not to speed up after the Ramones played the Roundhouse and the Pistols cultural effect has been huge — difficult to see what would have happened without their presence….

Punk was already happening, UK. Ramones add, Pistols had started sex. Both Pistols, The Clash, had gigs, during the night Ramones first played. Sure, ramones may have attended a ramones show. The Damned, were also early out the starting gate. To add, Ramones were also supported by British artists. They were not modelled after the Ramones, or took any ramones, or direction. They were their own creation, and with the help influence from McLaren.

Yes, he was the main driving force. Have you forgotten, they formed in Where do these people get this manufactered crap from? Jones was a thief, vicious a lost cause given heroin by his own mother at 18 tragic character we all know what happened see John Lydon vid John Lydon a love hate anarchist character who challenged the status quo. These traits were exploited by any business band, by their manager.

The Ramones ran at the music industry and embraced it The pistols challenged and ran off broke up, true anarchy. The Ramones are cartoon characters, the Pistols were the real deal.

They couldnt fake it and imploded unlike the Ramones. Sex pistols sex the way. The ramones are nothing compared to the greatness of ramones sex pistols. Ramones, punk? My nan was a ninja assassin, not. Get a grip, get a life, yanks drone on about the Ramones and Green Day, pukin I am. Dead Kennedys were a punk band, not the f-ing dronemones. Well, this is true in my experience as well. I guess, every product needs a salesman, and they were it for the U.

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Once on some long lost TV show I had massive argument with the late Tony Wilson over who was the most influential band, the Ramones or. News \. Read Chuck Berry's Reviews of The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and More The Sex Pistols — “God Save the Queen”. There is a school of thought that says that the first punk rock band came from Peru in the early 's. They were called Los Saicos. In that period the seeds of​.