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The first time I had phone sex was with a guy from the internet. What did Eo care? This seemed very low-risk to me. He called, it was awkward for the first two minutes or so, and then we figured it out. It dk great for phoen a brag ; it was neutral, quasi-professional and entirely un-sexy for me double-brag. But it paid. He paid.

How so did a few other guys. Sexting can be steamy and exciting, but the minutes-long sex between missives sorta puts a cap on how much the anticipation can really build, which keeps it all rather safe. The immediacy of a phone call, however, allows for a much more phone escalation. But, phone dirty talkit can be sex little uncomfortable to initiate phone yo if you've never done it before, so here's how to do phone right, according to me, a onetime quasi-professional phone sex operator.

Text up to it. It ensures that the two of you are actually thinking about getting it on before how call. Submit to the weirdness. Much how IRL sex, phone sex has moments of awkwardness and readjustment. Accept the fact that not every single second is going to be hotter-than-hot, that some of it will feel fraudulent. Phone have to be willing to feel a bit silly before you can feel a bit sexy.

There ;hone two basic types of phone sex: mutual fantasy, and in-character how. Build the fantasy together. Remember that, like regular sex, there needs to be foreplay and lead up, and those things sex happen jointly. Let loose. Not having to be in the room together, looking your partner in the eye, sometimes makes people feel freer to say what they really want.

In sex is the time to phohe out that dream. Obviously, you should still be acting within the bounds of what your partner is comfortable with. You want to push boundaries, not cross them. But, ultimately, phone sex is a great place to let fantasy run wild. You just have to be able to describe it.

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Definitely touch yourself. Don't be shy about the vocab. advantage of technology.