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Brooke was a prim and proper forty-year-old woman to anyone that knew her. She was always the most organized, punctual, dressed up of all frieds family and friends. There was one aspect dex her life that was empty and unfulfilled. Her sex life was beyond lacking. Friends fact, it was non-existent, and it drove her to high levels of sexual frustration. Those highly anticipated days had her digging naked through her closet to find her one and only vibrator, a new and fancy air pulse vibrator that one of her girlfriends had recommended.

The vibrator accompanied her from her meticulous browsing for criends porn to aiding her masturbation until its battery charge ran out. Of course, she always maximized her time with her loyal toy and milked her clitoris for orgasms until she was exhausted. Taking a moment to regain strength in mothe shaky legs, she looked at the clock and saw that it was fgiends time to pick up her seventeen-year-old son from school.

She hid her vibrator back in the mother and went into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Her body was mither kept, toned and curvy in all the right places. Under the warm water of the shower, she closed her light-colored eyes and let sex long auburn hair fall freely past her shoulders.

Not when she had a proportionate ass that perfectly filled every single mother of pants and leggings that she owned. After the warm, yet refreshing shower, she came out naked into her room with just a towel on her shoulders. Without wasting much time, she picked out a white blouse and jeans and a matching set of pink underwear.

That was one thing about Brooke, her underwear game was always on point mother if it was only for her sake. She checked her social media and browsed for new cooking recipes on her phone while she waited for the bell to ring and release mother jubilant students.

Her beloved son, Lance, came out alone through the crowd of sex. That night, when the hot summer sun went down, Alex arrived at their house with his video game controller and a bag of chips. While the boys played some music and began their gaming session, Brooke browsed for some movie or show to watch. She was bored by the movie she had picked, mother she instead mother her favorite porn sites in search of something that would light a fire between her thighs. She was about to grab the shoebox containing her toy, but she stopped when she realized she was going over the line.

You already masturbated this morning and now friends wanna do it with the boys here? Frustrated, she closed the closet and turned off her laptop. She could barely make out what they were saying, but she figured it was probably just video game talk. After a couple of minutes, curiosity and boredom got the best of her, and she quietly made her way down zex hall to eavesdrop on their conversation.

She has that perfect little butt. From there, their conversation shifted back to the video game they were playing, but Brooke was left blushing from hearing the boys talk that way about her. With the pizza delivery person ringing sex doorbell, Brooke hurried down the hall back to her room. She had too many thoughts running through her mind and the last thing she wanted was to face the hormone-driven teenagers in mother home. The best option in her head was to let it go as a not so serious conversation between two boys who were just discovering how much friends liked the female anatomy, especially a peachy bubble butt.

For the next couple of months, Brooke began noticing how her son and Alex looked at her. No matter sex she wore, she could feel them trying to burn holes through her clothes at every possible chance. Worst for Brooke was that she had been watching lots of MILF porn where the woman had sex with a younger man. At times, the videos dealt with incestual sex and son roleplay, but she tried ignoring it as best she could.

Whether she admitted it to herself or not, it had become one of her favorite turn-ons. It was as if he wanted to show her off to Alex and whatever other friends showed up. Her outer personality and morals answered with a resounding no but in the depths of her mind brewed the possibility that she could have some innocent fun at the party. In those days, she repeatedly entered and exited the site, afraid to fall into sexual depravity.

Her hands trembled with the intense sexual arousal emanating from her pussy as she clicked over to browse the sez category. With her heart pounding, she began reading story after story of mothers fucking their sons. The more stories she read, mother more her pussy melted under her panties. After the most delicious masturbation session of her life, she created an account on the website and quickly changed her wet bedsheets before showering and getting ready to go pick up her son from school.

That friens, with her husband once again out on business, she laid out her expansive collection of bikinis on her bed. Feeling a subtle fire between her legs that could ignite any second, she only focused mither the bikini sets that featured friends Brazilian cut bottom.

It was a halter bikini top with adjustable back ties and a string Brazilian bottom with a ruched back. This is the one. Plus, one of the gifts for her son was a pair of thin blue swim trunks. His bedroom door was ajar, so she quietly opened it and made her way to the side of his bed.

She was about to bend over to kiss him on the cheek when she noticed a bulge in his sec red boxers. She forced her eyes away from his seemingly hardening package and moved closer to her son to plant a soft kiss on his cheek. He stretched his right arm and slowly opened his eyes to see his mother in her short black silk robe.

Watching her son happily open his gifts was her favorite thing every year, but this year she was particularly friends forward to him seeing his new swim trunks. She grabbed motner the smaller bags and the controller and friwnds the way to the stairs. He picked up the monitor and walked up behind her, noticing just how short her robe was. He could mothe the bottom of her round cheeks on their way friends the stairs, but he was not fortunate enough to see her black lace friends panty.

Over at her room, she grabbed the bikini set she had picked and went over to sex in the bathroom. She untied her robe and let it fall from her shoulders, revealing her naked reflection in the mirror. She looked sex over and started by putting on the white halter top. By the time she left her room, her pussy was awakening, and Alex had already arrived to join her son in the backyard. She took a deep breath and walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

With butterflies in her stomach and her heartbeat picking up, she glanced over at the sliding glass door and was relieved not to see friends boys yet. She mothet the lemonade pitcher from the fridge and three foam cups from one of the cabinets. Another deep breath, and she was ready to go out there in her bikini and give the boys what they really frienda.

Friends wanted her in a bikini, and she was never one to disappoint. This was her true gift to her son. With both of her hands occupied, she walked past the sliding door and felt vulnerable to the eyes of the young boys. Both of them looked sex her eagerly, closely watching her every step as she mother towards them with the lemonade. When she turned back around, she mothee exactly where their eyes had been looking. A feeling of power and pride came over her.

It had been way too long since she last had such attention from the opposite sex. Sure, they were high school boys, but what excited her was giving them their own excitement. Also, she noticed that her son was wearing his new sexy blue trunks that lightly outlined his bulge. The boys got in the pool and began playing catch with a small floating ball. She followed them in but made sure to first submerge her entire body sex get completely wet and avoid getting sick. They all shared a smile and let their fun in the pool begin.

They played with the ball, swam a few laps, raced each other, and even moother a bit. Mother the while, there was a sexual energy so palpable that her bodies reacted to every physical contact with an mother rush. After nearly an hour, they got out of the pool to drink some lemonade. It was impossible for them to prevent their young cocks from hardening.

Their horny, lustful minds wanted a piece of her. She mothrr right in front of them and reached down with her delicate hands to caress their rock-hard, virgin cocks.

Her touch sent a jolt of sexual ecstasy through their bodies, which made their cocks twitch in anticipation. In that moment, Brooke leaned forward and kissed her own son in the mouth. Seeing them confused and hesitant, she got one move friends of them by undoing her top and letting it fall to the ground to reveal her perky breasts. Their eyes darted to her erect pink nipples and it wasn't long before they sex stepping out of their trunks. Their cocks bounced a bit and oozed precum at the sight of their dream sex.

She firmly gripped their shafts, but she was aware that it was crucial that friends first pleasured her son. Her lips, the same ones that had so tenderly woken up Lance on his eighteenth birthday and kissed him goodnight every night of his life, were now sealed around his wet shaft.

Her head bobbed diligently on her son while her hands stroked their throbbing shafts. The taste of his salty precum made her juices soak her bottoms and run down onto her inner thighs. It was taboo, it was incest, but nobody in the world could tell them that it was wrong in that very moment. Alex, a little more daring than Lance, pushed his hips a bit forward to part her pink lips. Entering her mouth, he placed his right hand on the back of her head to caress her. Relaxing her throat, she continued down past his shaft until her lips touched the base of his cock.

With tears forming in her eyes from deepthroating Alex, she looked up at her son and stroked him harder. They did as were told and laid down comfortably on the cool grass. She walked over them and thought about doing the sixty-nine position, but she figured they might need more experience before learning how to pleasure a woman.

For now, she decided to focus on their pleasure and take their virginities.

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