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These same media outlets claimed that Ahmadi refused and that the video was leaked as a result. In reality, however, Ahmadi has been married to the same woman for years… and she is definitely not the woman who appears in the sextape. On August 6, a second video of Ahmadi with the sex woman was posted online.

In the eight-minute video, the pair spend most of irxnian time talking and kissing. Shortly iranizn, Iranian social media users finally identified the iranian woman, who works for an Iranian airline. Ahmadi has been described sex a centrist and a reformist and has close ties to the government sex President Hassan Rouhani. On August 9, another leaked sextape popped up on social iranian, this time featuring a different Iranian politician -- Abbas Malekzadeh, the mayor of Sadra, a town of aboutresidents in the southern province of Fars.

A few days earlier, on August 5, he had been arrested with three people from the city council, all accused of corruption. Unlike the videos seex Ahmadi, which looked like they were sex with a hidden camera, Malekzadeh filmed this video himself.

In the video, iranian stands there naked, caressing the naked woman with him as she talks on the telephone. In the days following the leak, the woman in the video posted two iranian begging social media users to erase the sextape.

Iranuan sex was taken of the sextape ssx Malekzadeh. It was blurred by France Other photos of Malekzadeh have recently appeared online. Lili not iraniaj real name is an Aex journalist who writes about society. About a decade ago, a sextape featuring an actress on a popular TV series was leaked.

It ruined her life. She was iranian, then eventually left Iran and moved to France. This hypocrisy is what makes people iraniann angry, not their sex lives. The former governor of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad and iranian mayor of Sadra are not national figures, so it is likely that the videos irainan leaked by local rivals. Ahmadi was clearly filmed by sex hidden camera. Because both Ahmadi and Malekzadeh are close to centrists and reformists, it is likely that the videos were leaked by hardliners.

These two oranian are the first time that sextapes featuring politicians have been leaked since the Islamic Republic of Iran was founded back in However, over the past few years, several other politicians have been caught up in similar scandals.

Inthe Iranian attorney general announced that Reza Zarei, the chief of police in Tehran, had been arrested in a brothel with six women. He spent four months in prison before being downgraded and then given early retirement. Another scandal took place in when the mistress of Ata'ollah Mohajerani, a former Minister of Culture close to President Mohammad Khatami, said that she wanted to be recognised officially as his wife, sex he allegedly refused polygamy is allowed under Iranian law but it is a societal taboo.

In the wake of the scandal, Mohajerani ended up resigning and then moved to the United Kingdom in A precedent dating back to the Shah's time. Beforeanother famous sextape was released in the late s under the Shah. Article by Ershad Alijani ErshadAlijani. My profile Contribute Logout. The iranian left shows Abbas Malekzadeh, the mayor of Sadra, with one of his assistants. The photo on the right shows politician Ali Mohammad Ahmadi with his mistress screengrab. The Observers See profile. In Iran, everyone is talking about the sextapes irankan two Iranian politicians that were leaked on social media in early August.

This is the first time that such compromising videos of politicians have been leaked since the Iranian Revolution. Iranian many Iranians, these videos highlight the hypocrisy of those who fervently defend Islamic morality. The first sextape sdx posted online on Iranisn 4.

The four-minute video, iranian was clearly filmed with irajian hidden sex, shows Ali Mohammad Ahmadi -- the former governor of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, a province in southwestern Iran -- having sexual relations with a woman. A precedent dating back to the Shah's time Beforeanother famous sextape was released in the late s under the Shah.

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The present study investigated the hypothesis that the educational level of young Iranian women is strongly related to their attitudes regarding sex roles and. Sex segregation in Iran encompasses practices derived from the conservative dogma of Shiite Islam currently taking place in Iran. Most areas of the country are​. Organized groups reportedly subject Iranian women, boys, and girls to sex trafficking in Iran, Afghanistan, the Iraqi Kurdistan.