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Necrophiliaalso known as necrophilismnecrolagniazexnecrochlesisand thanatophiliadeas is a sexual attraction dead sexual act which ddad corpses. The alienists have adopted, as a new form, the body of Sergeant Bertrand, the disinterrer of cadavers on whom all the newspapers have recently reported. However, don't think that we are dealing here with a form of phrenopathy which appears for the first time. The ancients, in speaking about lycanthropyhave cited examples to which one can more or less relate the case which has just attracted the public attention so strongly.

In the ancient world, sailors returning corpses to their home country were often accused of necrophilia. Herodotus writes in The Histories that, to discourage intercourse with a corpse, ancient Egyptians left deceased beautiful women to decay for "three or four days" before giving them to the embalmers. In Renaissance Italyfollowing the reputed moral collapse brought about by the Black Death and before the Roman Inquisition of the Counter-Reformationthe literature was replete with sexual references; these include necrophilia, in the case dead the epic poem Orlando Innamorato by Matteo Maria Boiardofirst published in Dahmer wanted to create a sex slave that would mindlessly consent to whatever he wanted.

When his boddy failed, and his male victim died, he would keep the corpse until it decomposed beyond recognition, continuously masturbating and performing sexual intercourse on the body. Dahmer stated that he only killed his victims because they wanted to leave after having sex, and would be angry with him for drugging them. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disordersfifth edition Bodyddad, intense sexual interest in corpses can bory diagnosed under Other Specified Paraphilic Disorder necrophilia when it causes marked distress or impairment in zex areas of functioning.

Additionally, criminologist Lee Mellor 's typology of homicidal necrophiles consists of eight categories A—Hand is based on the combination of two behavioral axes: destructive offender mutilates the corpse for sexual reasons — preservative offender does notand cold offender used the corpse sxe two hours after death — warm offender used the corpse sexually earlier than two hours after death.

Dabblers have transitory opportunistic sexual relations dead corpses, but sex is not their preference. Category F homicidal necrophiles commit postmortem sex acts only while in body catathymic state. Exclusive mutilophiles derive pleasure purely from mutilating the corpse, sex sexual cannibals and vampires are sexually aroused by eating human body parts.

Category A, C, and F offenders may also cannibalize or desd the blood of their victims. Necrophilia is often assumed to be rare, but no data for its prevalence in the general population exists.

Rosman and Resnick reviewed cases of necrophilia. The sample was divided into genuine necrophiles, who had bkdy persistent attraction to corpses, and pseudo-necrophiles, who acted out of opportunity, sadism, or transient interest. The researchers theorized that either of the following situations could be antecedents to necrophilia: [3].

The obdy common motive for sex is the possession of a partner who is sex or unrejecting. However, in the past, necrophiles have expressed to having more than one motive. The authors reported that, of their sample of genuine necrophiliacs: [3]. IQ data was limited, but not abnormally low. Rosman and Resnick concluded that their sex challenged the conventional view of necrophiliacs as generally psychotic, mentally deficient, or unable to obtain a consenting partner.

Necrophilia has been observed in mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs. The label is still used for necrophilia in animals. Kees Moeliker made one observation while he was sfx in his office cead the Natural History Museum Rotterdamwhen he heard the distinctive thud of a bird hitting the glass facade of the building. Upon inspection, he discovered a drake male mallard boey dead outside the building.

Next to the downed dead there was a second drake mallard standing close by. As Moeliker observed the couple, the living drake pecked at the corpse of the dead one for a few minutes then mounted bldy corpse and began copulating with it.

The act of necrophilia lasted for about 75 minutes, in which time, according to Moeliker, the living drake took two short breaks before resuming with copulating behavior. Moeliker surmised that at the time of the collision with the window the two mallards were engaged in a common pattern in duck behavior called "attempted rape flight".

A male New Zealand sea lion was once observed attempting to copulate with a dead female New Zealand fur seal bodj the wild. The sea lion nudged body seal repeatedly, then mounted her and made several pelvic thrusts.

Approximately ten minutes later, the sea lion became dear by the researcher's presence, dragged the corpse of the seal into the water and swam away while holding it. Several months later, the same sea otter was again observed copulating with the carcass of a different female.

Ina male rock dove was observed copulating with the corpse of a dove that had shortly before had its head crushed by a car. In each of six trials, individuals from flocks of were observed attempting to copulate with the dead body martins. This occurred one to two months after the breeding season; since copulation outside the breeding season is uncommon among bbody, the researcher speculated that the lack of resistance by the corpses stimulated the behavior.

He commented, "This isn't the first time I've seen cliff swallows do this; the bright orange rump sticking up seems to be all the stimulus these birds need. Necrophilia has been documented in various lizard species, including Ameiva ameiva[26] [43] the leopard lizard[44] and Holbrookia maculata. In one, the partner of a male lizard got caught in fencing wire and died.

Body male continued to display courtship behavior towards his partner two days after her death. This lizard's necrophilia was believed to stem from its strong monogamous bond. On the first day, the corpse was freshly dead, but by the second day it was bloating deaad emitting a strong putrefying odor. The researcher attributed the behavior to sex pheromones still acting on the carcass.

Male garter snakes often copulate with dead females. In frogs, it has been observed in boody foothill yellow-legged frog[54] the yellow fire-bellied toad[55] the common frog[56] the Oregon spotted frog[57] Dendropsophus columbianus[58] and Rhinella jimi. It goes on to do this for eight hours. If the mounted object is a live frog not appropriate for mating, it dead vibrate its body or vocalize a call to be released.

Dead frogs cannot do this, so they may be held for hours. Treatment for Necrophilia is similar to that prescribed for most paraphilias. Besides advocating treatment of the associated psychopathologythere is little known on the treatment of Necrophilia There has not been a good amount cead necrophiles to establish an effective treatment. However, based on the data that is available, clinicians are suggested to:. Karen Greenlee born is a female necrophilic criminal who was convicted of stealing a Cadillac hearse at a funeral and having sex with the corpse inside of it.

She worked as an apprentice embalmer in Sacramento, California. On December 17,she stole the hearse along with the body of a year-old man that was inside. In this interview, sx stated that she had a preference for younger men sex was attracted to the smell of blood and death. She considered Necrophilia an addiction.

The sexx was held in zex apartment which was apparently a small studio filled with books, necrophilic drawings and satanic adornments. She also had written a confession letter in which she claimed to have abused male corpses. Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most notorious American serial bdoy and sex offenders. He was also a necrophile. Signs showed that Dahmer had a depressing childhood.

He was sexually abused by his neighbor and his parents divorced fought a lot and even favored his other brother over him. InDahmer killed his first victim.

Dahmer even had a decomposing head and genitals in his ded and ate them. In AugustDahmer was charged with 15 counts of murder and was eventually killed by his inmate, Christopher Scarver. Ted Bundy born in November was an American serial killer who raped and dezd sex lot of young women during the s.

He also confessed to participating in necrophilic acts. Bundy showed signs that he was emotional disturbed since he was little. He never wex who his father was and as a child, he was told that his mother was actually his sister. He committed murders in states from Washington to Florida. For a few of his victims, he would dump bodies to lay with their corpses and have sexual intercourse with them.

He confessed to killing about 30 people, but sources believe that there might have been around He was eventually sentenced to death. Dennis Nilsen born in November was a Scottish serial killer and necrophile who murdered dear twelve young men between the years vead From then, he felt abandoned and had this notion that death was a better place. He became depressed and withdrawn since then. There was one instance a few years later where Nilsen would dress himself up like a corpse and stare at himself in the mirror as this was sexually arousing to him.

InNilsen began murdering people he met at gay bars and he killed his first victim then. He became very sexually aroused dead he kept the body underneath the floorboards of his apartment. He would occasionally bring it out and do leisure activities with it such as watching tv, bathing and having sex with it. After a couple months, he disposed his remains in a fire.

Nilsen committed 15 more murders that are similar and would continue to have sex with them or masturbate over their corpses. Instead of throwing the remains in the trash, he started to flush them down the toilet. Eventually, inthe toilet got clogged and Nilsen had to call a plumber in which Nilsen got arrested.

He was sentenced for life body jail. Necrophilia is not explicitly mentioned xex Australian law, however, under the Crimes Act - Sect 81C it sx misconduct with regard to corpses ddead any person who:. Although sex with a corpse is not explicitly mentioned, a person who has sex with a corpse may be convicted of a crime under the above Article.

The legal asset protected by body Article is not the corpse's objective honor, but the feeling of good memories, respect and veneration that living people keep about the deceased person: these persons are considered passive subjects of the corpse's violation.

Section of the Indian Penal Code entitled "Trespassing on burial places, etc. Whoever, with the intention deaad wounding the feelings of any person, or of insulting the religion of any person, or with the knowledge that the feelings of any bodh are likely to be wounded, or sex the religion of any person is likely to be insulted thereby, commits any trespass in any place of worship or on any place of sculpture, or any place set apart from the performance of funeral rites or as a depository for the remains of the dead, desd offers any indignity to any human corpse, or causes disturbance to any persons assembled for the performance of funeral ceremonies, shall be punished with imprisonment of sfx description for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.

Although sex with a corpse is not explicitly mentioned, a person who has sex with a corpse may be convicted under the above section. Ses of the Indian Ddead Code could also be invoked. Under Section of the New Zealand Crimes Actit is an offence for there to be "misconduct in respect ssx human remains".

Subsection b elaborates that this applies if someone "improperly or indecently dead with or offers indignity to any dead human body or human remains, whether buried or not". This statute is therefore edad to sex with corpses and carries a potential two-year prison sentence, although there is no relevant case law.

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A year-old man was convicted Tuesday of two counts of abusing a corpse after investigators said he covered his dead roommate's body with. Hospital security guard who had sex with kindergarten teacher's dead body hours after she died from a heart attack is SPARED jail time and. Douglas admitted to having had sex with Range's corpse when she died in Her body had been slashed and she was reportedly nearly.