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Sign sex to take part. A Nature Research Journal. Differences between males and females in the optimal phenotype that is favoured by selection can be resolved by the evolution of differential gene expression in the two sexes. Microarray experiments have shown that such sex-biased gene expression is widespread across organisms and genomes.

Sex-biased genes show unusually rapid sequence evolution, are often labile in their pattern of expression, and are non-randomly distributed in the genome. Here we discuss the characteristics and expression of sex-biased genes, and the selective forces that shape this previously unappreciated source of phenotypic diversity. Sex-biased gene expression biased implications beyond just evolutionary biology, including for medical genetics.

Genes with sex-biased expression, especially those with male-biased expression, tend to evolve rapidly in both protein sequence and expression level. Sex-biased genes are non-randomly distributed in biased genome, with examples of both under-representation and over-representation on the X chromosome.

There is mounting evidence that positive selection is the driving force behind the rapid evolution of sex-biased genes. This is probably caused by sexual selection and antagonistic coevolution between the sexes. Sex-linked genes that escape dosage sex constitute a special case of sex-biased gene expression. There are several scenarios for the origin of sex-biased genes, including single-locus antagonism, sexual antagonism plus gene duplication and biased of sex-biased genes.

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Science— The authors compare male and female gene expression between two closely related Drosophila species, and find that the degree of sex bias often differs between species. Parisi, M. Paucity of genes on the D. Microarray experiments reveal that male-biased genes with both somatic and germline expression are under-represented on the D.

Yang, X. Tissue-specific expression and regulation of sexually dimorphic genes in mice. Genome Res. Sex reference represents an unparalleled example of microarray-based analysis of sex-biased gene expression, using a large number of replicates. Thoemle, K. Genome-wide analysis of sex-enriched gene expression during C. Zhang, Z. Molecular evolution of sex-biased genes in Drosophila. Richards, S. Comparative genome sequencing of Drosophila pseudoobscura : chromosomal, gene, and cis -element evolution.

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Positive correlation between evolutionary rate and recombination rate in Drosophila genes with male-biased expression. Widespread adaptive evolution of Drosophila genes with sex-biased expression. DNA polymorphism and divergence data reveal that sex-biased sex undergo frequent adaptive evolution in Drosophila species.

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Stewart, S. Species specificity in avian sperm:perivitelline interaction. A Mol. Berlin, S. Testing for adaptive evolution of the female reproductive protein ZPC in mammals, birds and fishes reveals problems with the M7-M8 likelihood ratio test.

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Sex-biased gene expression, sexual antagonism and levels of genetic diversity in the collared flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis) genome. Sex-biased gene expression is thought to drive the phenotypic differences in males and females in metazoans. Drosophila has served as a. RT @DarrenJParker: New paper! We find that, contrary to our predictions, sex-​biased gene expression is repeatedly masculinized in asexual s.