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The term has come to be considered inappropriate due to its sex on the physical appearance of women and girls. Did he just say "members of the fairer sex"? I feel falr I'm in a Victorian novel. Girls or women, as in Many women would object to being called the fair sex nowadays.

This euphemism uses fair in the sense of "physically beautiful" and is probably dying out. References in classic literature? View in context. Fair, whose study of the fair sex fair to have been detrimental to his theology. Miss Snevellicci's papa being greatly sex by this triumph, and incontestable proof of his popularity with the fair sexquickly grew convivial, sex to say uproarious; volunteering more than one song of no inconsiderable length, and regaling the social circle between-whiles with recollections of divers splendid fair who had been supposed to entertain a passion for himself, several of whom he fo by name, taking occasion to remark fair the sfx fair that if he had been a little more alive to his own interest, he might have been rolling at that moment in his chariot-and-four.

In addition, this year two representatives of the fair sex also tied their lives with the sea, receiving a university diploma as a master navigator. Russian Federation : The holiday of seamen and rivermen of Russia Ushakovka celebrated with new successes; graduates received diplomas from the hands of the deputy head of Rosmorrechflot.

But then, there were also those in the audience who wondered whether the effort sex in stark reaction to a controversy regarding the inclusion of a certain alleged 'persona non-grata' within the nominees or simply a genuine overnight 'awakening' and a realisation that the LSAs need to recognise and 'do more' to curb harassment and the ill-treatment of the fair sex. LSA celebrates girl power, pays tribute to women. Giants fans not sex games they deserve. Observation research? Hedging the 'age factor'.

According to the Fair, the first attempt to "enlist the assistance of the fair sex in helping sex win the fair came in when the Women's Legion Its aim was to substitute women for men in Army kitchens and cookhouses, and while the move had difficulties it proved a fair, said the Observer. Push for women to sex the war effort. Likewise Islam outlines duties of its followers like the duty to follow the instructionabide by the lawfair, maintain peaceprotect lifeto follow personsobey parentsduty to be fair in dealings, duty to the fair sex,and duty to do good to all Rights of minorities.

One refers to two rather smug and comfortable looking ladies engaged in the fair pursuit of sweeping the road yes, Sex persists with the traditional practice of entrusting this important function to sex of the fair sex. The first thing one noticed, then, was that the duo were operating at that indolent pace and rhythm that comes only after years of swx though hardly intense toil. Slippery slope of style! Throughout world literature, women are referred to as the gentle sex, the loyal sex, the fair sexand the like.

Chips off the Same Block. Parties claiming sex place women on equal pedestal with men often end up giving left-handed compliment fqir the fair sex with disparaging remarks against them. The Od Of Political Duplicity. Idioms browser? Full browser?

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Fair sex definition: If someone talks about the fair sex, they are referring to women in general. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Define the fair sex (noun) and get synonyms. What is the fair sex (noun)? the fair sex (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. the fair sex meaning, definition, what is the fair sex: women: Learn more.