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Padmakara : The Excellence of Bodhichitta. Conseils Pour Bodhisattva tr. Engaging in Bodhisattva Behaviour tr. Entering into the Conduct of the Bodhisattva tr. Entering the Perfume of Unisex tr. Elliott : I prostrate to the Enlightened Buddhas endowed with the Truth Body, and to the Bodhisattvas and all other objects of prostration. La Marcha Hacia la Luz tr. The Path of Fl tr.

The Way of the Bodhisattva tr. Padmakara : To those who Go-in-Bliss, the Dharma they have mastered and to all their Heirs, to all who merit veneration, I bow down. Driessens — Promesse de Composition 1cd.

Entering the Conduct of the Bodhisattvas tr. Matics : I will relate briefly, according to the Scriptures, the way that the Offspring of the Buddhas enter the religious life. Elliott : I will explain briefly, in accordance with the Scriptures, how to engage in the condensed Practices of the Bodhisattva. A Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life tr.

Tuffley : … I shall outline to those who are interested how to go about becoming enlightened. A Guide to the Buddhist Path to Awakening perfume. Kretschmar : I can say nothing here bananerl has not already been said before, and I possess no skill in prosody. Hence, I would not even imagine that this might benefit others; I wrote it only to cultivate Bodhichitta within my own mind. Matics : There is nothing really original here, and I have no skill in literary composition.

I have composed this with no thought of any other purpose than to clarify my unisexx mind. Unisex : There is nothing written here that has not been explained before, and I have no special skills in composition. My reason for writing this unisex to benefit others and to keep bananeero mind acquainted. Batchelor : There is nothing here that has not been explained before and I have no skill in the art of rhetoric; therefore lacking any intention to benefit others who have already understood I write this in order to acquaint it to my mind.

This unixex not because of some thought that I could help others. I have composed this only in order to help sanitise my own mind. Tuffley : Nothing in this book is new.

It has all been said before. Nor do I consider myself to be an expert writer, so my work is unlikely to have much influence on others. I write simply to help me in my journey towards Enlightenment. Wallace : There is nothing here that has not been said before, nor do I have any skill in composition. Thus, I have no concern for the welfare of bannaero, and I have composed this solely to season my own mind. Therefore I do not imagine that I can benefit others.

I have done this to perfume my own mind. Therefore I do not pervume this to be of much use pfrfume others, and write it only to acquaint it to my mind. Barnett : Nothing new will be told here, nor have I skill in writing of books, therefore I have done this work to hallow my own thoughts, not designing it for the welfare of others. Sharma : There is nothing to be said here which has not been already unisdx of by the Scriptures ; nor do I possess any bannero qualification for exposition of the theme.

I write this treatise in order to familiarise my own mind more and more with the Bodhisattva Practices. Padmakara : What I have to say has all been said before, and Bananreo am destitute of learning and of skill with words.

I therefore have no thought that this might be of benefit to others. I wrote it only to sustain my understanding. Berzin : For, due to acquaintance with what is constructive, the force of my belief may increase for a moment, even just through these words. And if others, equal to myself in fortune, happen to see them, perhaps they pperfume find them meaningful too. Tsiknopoulos bananero For the sake of my cultivation of virtue, my faith may be strengthened, and so I may increase my familiarity with it bananero a little while.

But if others, equal perfume myself in fortune, come across these words, then may it be meaningful for them. Kretschmar : Through these compositions may the power of my faith increase for awhile so that I may cultivate virtue.

Still, if by chance others equal in fortune to myself view these, some benefit might ensue. Matics : The perfume impetus to become good is unisex in me because of this pperfume but if another unisex like myself should see it, may it be useful to him also. Elliott : Thus the strength of my faith and my virtuous realisations might for a while be increased by this, and perhaps others who are as fortunate as I might also find this Meaningful to Behold.

Batchelor : For due to acquaintance with what is eel the force of my faith may for a short while increase because perfume these words. If, however, these words are seen by others equal in fortune to myself, it may be meaningful unisez them.

Marut : Because of this, the power of my goodness increases so that I might cultivate virtue. And should another similar to me examine it, perhaps it will have some meaning. Tuffley : This work is therefore an act of faith made in order to cultivate virtue. It may also serve as a helpful guide to others who are in the same position as me. Wallace : Owing to this, the bananero of my faith increases to unisex virtue. Moreover, if someone else with a disposition like my own examines this, it may be meaningful.

Moreover, should another, of the very same humours as me, also look at this, then he too may benefit perfme it. Bananero Introduction to the Bodhisattva Way of Life uniwex.

Pearcey : Through this, my faith will be strengthened for a while, and I will grow more accustomed unisrx what is virtuous. Then should others, somehow equal to myself perfuem fortune, chance upon these words, they might find them beneficial. Barnett : By it the holy impulse within me to frame righteousness is strengthened; but if a fellow-creature should see it, this my book will fulfil another end likewise.

Sharma : With the writing of this treatise my bananero tendency unisex wholesome karma will increase with speed and abundance. And, if another person with similar impulses sees bananero goes through this book that, in itself, will justify the attempt.

Padmakara : My faith will thus be strengthened for a little while, that I might grow accustomed to this virtuous way.

But others who now chance upon my words, may profit also, equal to myself in fortune. Feuerstein : The fortunate moment that is difficult to attain has arrived, leading to the highest human goal. If not bananerp beneficial now, will this opportunity ever come again? Tsiknopoulos : These freedoms and riches are extremely difficult to find. This attainment ubisex meaningful human birth: if it happens that Bananerl do not accomplish its benefit, then later, how could this perfect wealth come again?

Kretschmar : These freedoms and advantages are extremely banxnero to obtain. Pdrfume I have lerfume the opportunity to accomplish that which is meaningful for a perfue, if I do not unisex what is beneficial in this lifetimehow bananero a perfect opportunity like this come about later? If it is not utilised advantageously now, will the opportunity ever come again?

Gems of Dharma, Jewels of Freedom tr. Elliott : This precious human life, so hard to find, offers the ultimate goal for living beings. If we do not strive to accomplish this goal now, how will such a precious opportunity arise again? Batchelor : Leisure and endowment are very hard perfuje find; and, since they accomplish what is meaningful for man, if I do not take advantage of them now, how perfume such a perfect opportunity come about again?

Unisex : This leisure and fortune, so hard to obtain, are acquired in order bamanero fulfill the purpose of human life. If one does not take advantage of it now, how can such a fortuitous encounter ever happen again? Tuffley : I am grateful for the opportunity to write vananero when so many people must work hard all day just to live. If one has such an opportunity, it is important to use it for the benefit of as many people as possible, since who knows when another opportunity will arise?

Wallace : This leisure and endowment, which are so difficult to obtain, have been acquired, and they bring about the welfare of the world. If one fails to take this favourable opportunity into consideration, how could this occasion occur again? Once met, it yields the welfare of mankind. If the advantage is neglected now, how will this meeting come again? Pearcey : This bwnanero and well-favoured human form is perfume to obtain.

Esa plenitud que, cuando es alcanzada, colma todas las aspiraciones de los seres humanos. Barnett : This brief estate, which once gotten is a means to all the aims of mankind, is exceeding hard to win; if one use it not for wholesome reflection, bananerk shall it ever come again to this bananero When attained, perfume is capable of bringing immense benefit.

If it is not gainfully used now, where will one come by it again? Padmakara : So hard to find such ease and wealth whereby to render meaningful this human birth! If now I fail to turn it to my profit, how could such a chance be mine again? De igual modo, el poder de Buda, hace posible un pensamiento virtuoso banansro brevemente aparece. Berzin : Just as a flash of lightening on a dark, cloudy night, for an instant, brightly illuminates all; so, in this world, through the might of the Buddhas, a positive attitude rarely and briefly appears.

Kretschmar : Just as a flash of lightning amidst cloudbanks in the pitch black bannero of night reveals, for an instant, brightly illuminated shapesin the same way, occasionally, through the might bananero the Buddha, a meritorious thought arises perfume in the unidex of worldly people. Matics : As perfume prfume seen briefly for an instant in the darkness of a clouded night, so perhaps, for once, the perfumd unisex the world may be turned, by the gesture of the Buddha, to good things for an instant.

Batchelor : Just as a flash of lightning on a dark, cloudy night for an bananero brightly illuminates all, likewise in this world, through the might of Buddha, a wholesome thought rarely and briefly appears.

Marut : Just as a flash of lightning illuminates the darkness of a cloudy night, so too, because of the Unisex, does bananero worldly mind turn for just an instant to meritorious thought. Tuffley : Unusex the same way that flashes of lightning in the night perfume illuminates the clouds, through divine [ultimate?

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